Published May 31 2018

Volkswagen and Apple partner with the intent of developing a car

Volkswagen and Apple partner with the intent of developing a car

German automaker Volkswagen and US tech giant Apple announced today that they will join forces to build a car together. Those who hope to see an Apple/VW car on the road soon will however have to be patient because this car will actually be for Apple employees and will serve as a means of personal transportation for them. Nevertheless, the end result should be impressive.

An electric car that is 100% autonomous for Apple by VW

The news is very recent, and so we do not have much information about the model or its specifications. That being said, we know that it will be equipped with a 100% electric motor and that it will be fully autonomous.

Volkswagen will take care of the engine and driving technology while Apple will develop its own connectivity interface for the car. The American company will notably develop the dashboard and the electronic sensors as well as the infotainment system.

For Apple, the project is not as huge as the one called Titan that would have led to a car designed 100% by Apple, but admittedly it is very intriguing to see Volkswagen and Apple working together, and especially see what they will be able to develop together

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